About this Easter Program

"Unity of Freedom

Friday - Monday

April 2nd - 5th

This is a 3 ½ day program of activities designed for you to nurture yourself, expand your consciousness, have a better understanding of your intuition and how it can improve communication with others, including with your Spiritual Helpers (angels/guides)!

If you:

  • recognize how important it is to create more balance in your life, in your relationships in order to have true and lasting FREEDOM.

  • have a feeling that something is missing and you can't quite put it into words, but you know you have to find it

  • want to understand the difference between the communication styles of intuition, clairvoyance, clairaudience, inner knowing, gut feelings, and how they work in daily life

  • feel the need to connect with people you can talk to about your experiences, inspiration

  …then this Retreat is for YOU

At ‘Unity of Freedom’, you explore your inner power and how you can direct it in your daily life. 


In this retreat, you will be surrounded by others who have a strong desire to know, understand and see both the physical and spiritual sides of their nature and incorporate it into their lives.

If you want to have fun, connect and align with other like-minded spiritual people that want to connect with:

Your Intuition.
Your Purpose.
Your Dreams.
Your Potential.
Your Fulfillment.

This retreat is an invitation for you to embrace the real you, working with the system that your Spiritual Helpers / Guides/ Angels use to communicate with you via giving you insights, assistance, impressions, dreams, hunches, etc.


Are you ready to be the truly unlimited, free individual that you are?

Join us in any one event, or, all of the planned 4 days of activities, dedicating your time to yourself and the expansion of your real self/your soul..

This Event Program is being offered and sponsored by:

Inner Peace Movement International - Australia

Peace Community Church International - Australia  (spiritual, not religious)

Wayshowers College