True learning and understanding is by doing. So today is all about you getting to experience various techniques that focus on one of the four "gifts" at a time, throughout the afternoon


You will learn about energy, the importance of maintaining a high or clear vibrational energy and why.


Throughout this Easter program you will be learning about spiritually cleansing your aura, about Spirit, Guides, Angels etc.

Spirit communicates via this communication channel and on a higher frequency so the more you keep your energy high the easier it will be for them to mentor and support you.


You will learn about your feeling nature and the importance of trusting it - the role it plays in this new communication system.


You will also learn about the role of your intellectual nature and why you need it to be in balance with your feeling nature rather than telling you what to feel.


Today is about building trust and confidence in yourself and what you are preceiving on that other wavelength. 


About the rules: e.g. minding your own business.  maintaining your own energy levels and building them up so that you feel energised.


Each of the techniques you will experience is also practical - it is a skill that you can use and employ in your life.


Today is about you relearning an innate ability that has been shoved on a back shelf of your consciousness somewhere because of tradition, society or not knowing what it is and what to do with it. 


You will gain a better understanding and appreciation for what is available to you to call on - this is meant to be a freeing experience, to empower you to be an independent leader of yourself.



Sat.3rd April - Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Pyschometry, Knowing

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