Self-sabotage: What happens when you prevent yourself from accomplishing your goals? How do you do it? Clarify areas you want to refine and build resilience:


  • How does catering to loved ones and feeling responsible for them affect your accomplishment, limit your success, and distort your big picture.
  • Learn about clear motives and unclear motives and how they influence your decisions, determine which ones undermine your direction?


This master class is designed to tap into your inner enthusiasm, to redirect your energy towards your true path by understanding what you are gaining from your experiences.


Listen to the Free Talk – Live and let live: Total acceptance to get a bigger picture what happens when there is a communication breakdown because of a misunderstanding.


What to bring- have on hand.
A notebook and pen - other than making sure you are comfortable, have some water on hand, that's it. ( there will be short breaks hourly)


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Fri. 2nd April - Unfolding the Direction of Your Consciousness

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