What works for someone else may not be what you need or work for you and there is a reason for that.


Whether you are conscious of it or not you came to planet earth with a plan, a purpose. You brought with you a team of Spiritual Helpers as part of your back up team.


You experience the greatest success when you accomplish your aims based on your goals. Goals based on your innate understanding of what you need. Your path is unique to you.


You feel this path as a desire, or a spiritual thrust. This class is about making you aware of how important that is to your fulfillment.


Your personal experiences are important. Regrouped, they are the building blocks of our wisdom. Wisdom that we add to our do-it-yourself tool kit. No one can take our experiences and what we learned from them away from you. They are unique to you.


Being of service is simple – is it sharing what worked for you and how you achieved it, how you use it  You inspire people to do for themselves, they grow, gain confidence.


That is how your Spiritual Helpers work with you.


Being of service is important to our feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment.


What to bring- have on hand.
A notebook and pen - other than making sure you are comfortable, have some water on hand, that's it. (there will be short breaks hourly)


Suggestion: Listen to the Free Talk being offered before the course as that will give you more of an understanding.


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Mon. 5th April - Your Path: The Source of Life's Fulfillment

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