You are Psychic, We all are psychic – how do you do it?


Come and have a some readings, listen to a free talk on how this all works, and finally enjoy a workshop where you get to do a reading for someone else.


FUN, FUN FUN is tapping into your innate sensitivity (psychic ability) where this all lives:

  • What does it feel like seeing someone’s aura;
  • Get chills when feeling an object and interpret that feeling or impression.
  • Key words will come to mind, discern what these key words are telling you.
  • Awaken your innate ability to sense energy (aura) and trust that first impression.
  • Enhance your discernment of the world around you through strengthening your sensitivity.
  • Find out how much of a natural you truly are at working with your sensitivity.
  • How often do you stop yourself following your sensitivity?


No judgement, no mistakes, no perfection, lots of laughter and joy with like minded people.

Sun 4th April - On-line Psychic Fair - Plus an interactive workshop