Here are some important questions for you.

1. Do you have a double standard when it comes to kindness?

2. Do you tend to do more for others than yourself?

3. Does your family complain that you do more for others than for them?

4. When you look around your home do you see things that you have shoved aside because someone needed your help more?


This course is going to help you get some perspective and bring back some balance so that it is not all give, give, give until you are worn out.


There’s a lot packed into these 3 hours.


You will be looking at your concept of “kindness”, of “love”, at how early training has lead to a grey area where you think you know the boundaries but are not 100% sure so err on the side of perhaps doing too little or too much depending on which side of the pendulum swing you are. 


Too little =Annoyed, tired and had enough  

Too much = guilt ridden, over concerned or fearing judgment for somewhere.


It is important to find and maintain a balance between your two natures, your heart and your head. The conscious thinking part of you and the unconscious feeling part of you. Note: emotions are the “feelings” your intellect says you should have.


Understand the difference between taught responsibility and real responsibility.


You will experience the relief that uplifts your being when you accept that you are free to decide what type of life you want for yourself.


Feel the joy of being your genuine inner kindness to yourself and others, given freely and with greater understanding that You decided this and were not guilted into it.


Did you know that understanding this one area will help you reach your goals with less pressure? (pressure caused by putting other people's needs and wants ahead of yours, so you rush and maybe cut corners)


You are going to look at how false pride gets you into trouble hinders your kindness.


There is a lovely technique in this course called “Sea of Tranquility” that even without the other stuff makes this class outstanding.


Suggestion: Listen to the Free Talk being offered before the course as that will give you more of an understanding.


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Materials:  pen and paper.  set yourself up so that you are comfortable and have water available to refresh yourself.  There will be short breaks every hour.

Sat. 3rd April - Kindness: Being Your Mystical Self

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