When someone gives you something or does something for you are you asking yourself – What do they want? What’s the catch?


There is a protective wall between you and the world.

This class is about “giving without a hook”. Why is that important you might ask?


Well, "giving without a hook" is the vibrational energy of your Spiritual Helpers, Spiritual Guides, Angels but if you have your wall up, you block them. They are all about true giving – giving without an agenda.


You will learn how you can have “protection” and still tune into the higher vibration that your Spiritual Helpers are on. You can do this at any time when your motives are clear.


Tuning in Spirit will give you a larger scope of your personal spiritual reality.


This class will help you understand the type of real back up you have from your Spiritual Helpers.


As a soul you came to planet earth with a plan to learn and grow, goals that need to be met in order to accomplish you purpose on planet earth and your Spiritual Helpers are there to help you with that.


In this class you will get to experience many techniques to help you understand how sensitivity works with energy. The more you build up your personal vibrational energy the easier it will be for you to tune into and stay connected to your Guides and their wisdom, insights and assistance when you need it.


You realise the importance of trusting your discernment to create a flexible but resilient protection around you. You can drop the barrier you may have between your Spiritual Helpers and yourself by building trust in your new relearned inner communication system.


What to bring- have on hand.
A notebook and pen - other than making sure you are comfortable, have some water on hand, that's it. (there will be short breaks hourly)


Suggestion: Listen to the Free Talk being offered before the course as that will give you more of an understanding.


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Sun. 4th April - Giving: a Crystal Clear Vibration

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