It used to be called ESP now collectively called INTUITION or PSYCHIC. We all have this ability and can relearn and polish it up to be a useful skill.


How we experience it is unique to us. Our Gifts or Intuition also influences our understanding, how  we percieve our world and people - it affects our communication within and with people. It influences our relationships, family, friends, work and in our exchanges with random people. It also influences How we do things and with whom we associate.


Understanding the way people communicate and behave can be a lot simpler by identifying what gift they are communicating with or filtering through.


Lack of understanding can cause friction such as anger, confusion, worry, criticism, fear and uncertainty just to name a few. A lack of understanding can also open yourself up to bullying and manipulation etc.


Mastering life is to understand what this other communication system is and how it works, how you can tap into it and incorporate it into your life instead of ignoring it or let it radomly select to make its presence known. It will open up a whole new world by looking at it with new lenses.


It offers early warnings of pitfalls, solutions as well as access to mentorship from your Guides, Spirit or Angels. It is a useful tool when you know how to use it. 


It is already in operation and most times without you directing it which means that this inner radar system can be working for or against you at any givn time depending on how secure you are in the many different areas of your life. 


Learn about this facinating ability you already have but have not fully understood. 


Fri. 2nd April -The different 'gift/psychic' personality types

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