Interactive Workshops

Friday, Saturday & Sunday

2:00 - 6:00pm

These workshops are a way for you to explore your gifts, how your gifts have distinct personality types and how understanding this gift in yourself will help you understand other people better. Members of your family better.

You will also explore how the "psychic" nature of your gift works with a simple fun exercise. Psychic is another word for communication - it is a language that is natural and essential to our great understanding of ourselves.

On the last day of workshops, we have scheduled something that we have called a Psychic Fair. This is a series of workshops that enable you to practice what you learned plus draw on your own life experience to interpret. You will gain confidence and build trust in your spiritual communication system that runs alongside the physical. 

Throughout the retreat program, you will be learning about your Spiritual Helpers, their role in your life, and how important it is that you relearn and trust this form of communication as that is the means they use.

Early Bird Special ends midnight 19th of March

Save even more if you register for all 4 by that date.